I have been working with Sue for just over a year now  and in that time I have lost over a stone and 10cm off my waist.  I suffer from PCOS and my periods have started to return. She is patient and keeps you motivated with her friendly and professional manner. I've worked with other personal trainers before but Sue actually cares if you achieve  your goals or not. I can't recommend her enough.  G.P. aged 38

Following retirement I wanted to keep fit and healthy.  Sue talked to me about what I wanted to achieve and then designed a personal training programme to achieve my aim.  Sue varies the activities each session, keeps motivating me to do more but in a supportive way.  Sue is professional in her approach but with a sense of humour which makes the sessions all the more enjoyable.  I have been going to Sue’s well equipped studio for over a year and definitely feel that I have benefitted from her training programme.  Peter, aged 67.

When I first met Sue I was obese and very unfit - unable to climb the stairs without having to stop half way.  I have regular sessions with Sue, she is warm and friendly; the sessions are varied and challenging but with her motivation and encouragement I always enjoy them and feel a massive sense of achievement at the end.  Six months on, I have dropped four dress sizes, have got my confidence back, can run upstairs and am a much happier person.  My diet has improved dramatically and everyone comments on how well I look.  Sue also introduced me to the benefits of stabilised Aloe Vera drinking gel and for the first time in 10 years I have no joint pain and can wear heels.  Throughout, Sue has treated me as a unique individual, tailoring everything to my own needs - working with her really has changed my life for the better.  Eileen

"I came to Sue just before my 50th birthday, hoping that she could work with somebody totally unfit, overweight, and not used to any kind of regular exercise.  More than two years later, I feel completely different about my physical capacity.  I'm so much stronger, far more supple, have far fewer aches and pains, and much more energy.  Sue is endlessly patient, good-humoured, encouraging, and professional.  I feel safe with her to try new exercises, and she always gets the balance right - challenging me to develop without pushing so hard that it becomes demotivating.  Like many people, I lead a very busy life which makes it impossible to do anything at the same time every week, but Sue's flexibility has made it possible for me to come to her once or twice a week, and that has given me a completely new regulari routine  of exercise.  I cannot recommend her highly enough as an empathetic, effective, and motivational trainer, even for people like myself who used to feel that a very good level of fitness was beyond their grasp!"  Deborah, aged 52


Local Government Agency, Newcastle

Corporate Lunchtime Bootcamps

"The bootcamps are great fun, challenging, and most importantly, very effective.  Sue recognises the varied abilities and fitness levels  within the Group and introduces exercises we can all practice at home or in the gym.  Sue is an excellent motivator and we all benefit from the sessions."

Local Government Agency, Newcastle

On-site Personal Fitness Training & Lifestyle Assessments

"Following the personal training sessions you carried out for our gym members, and on behalf of the Gym Committee, I would like to thank you for the professional and friendly manner in which you carried out these sessions and offered advice.

We asked for very specific times for the training so that there was minimal disruption to the business and you were able to be flexible with appointments.  Your offer to our gym members proved very popular.  I know that you received personal thanks from our members - all were positive and found the sessions very useful to help them maximise their own gym time.  It clarified what they should be doing to help with individual conditions and they felt very comfortable with your style of offering, knowledgeable guidance and support.

I would like to say that I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others and that we shall look forward to seeing you again."

Treasurer - Gym Committee


Matfen Hall Hotel, Northumberland

Lifestyle & Stress Management Workshops

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional advice on nutrition, exercise and your in-depth knowledge of ways in which staff can improve their general standard of health.  Working in the hospitality industry can, at times, be very demanding and staff are often under extreme pressure.  I really feel that the stress management training will be of great help to all employees and will also allow them to 'see the wood for the trees' which at times they are unable to do.  I am pleased to say that we all felt we greatly benefited from this fantastic training day and we would have no hesitation in recommending your business to others."  HR Manager


Gateshead Council

Weekly Employee Sports Massage Clinic

"I have now had several sports massage sessions with Sue. As is the case for lots of people who use a PC on a daily basis, I had a persistently sore arm, and occasional tingling in my arm and hand. At the first session, Sue was very persistent with the huge lump of knotted muscle in my shoulder. The following day it was very tender, but felt much looser. The day after it was amazing. My shoulders and arm were more comfortable and I also felt as though my posture had improved. In terms of work, I seriously think that this service should be available all the time, and would encourage anyone experiencing discomfort to go now! Because of the massage I have avoided taking time off work to see the doctor and I am sure that it has prevented the onset of RSI."

"I just wanted to thank you for your continued help with the back problem I have.  I have now had 4 massage sessions and can honestly state that my body and mind feel much better. I have recently attended hospital for my back problem to no avail, yet a few sessions with yourself has had a dramatic effect on my movement, and pain relief.  Although I still suffer from a back problem I find that I can get through the day/week with your help, and I look forward to my weekly visits knowing that when I have had my massage I feel 100% better than I do before I visit. This is a valued service and the cost is minimal for the benefits I receive."

"I broke my ankle a couple of years ago and without any physio follow up I ended up with severely restricted movement in my ankle joint, a swollen  ankle, a limp which was getting worse by the month and the beginnings of hip pain due to over compensating for a funny gait I had developed.  When I signed up for massage with Sue through the Council Wellbeing Programme I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was so effective I was amazed. Sue massaged and manipulated my ankle giving attention to scar tissue, swelling and strength and movement in the ankle itself.  I walked out of there and felt like my ankle was bending far more flexibly than it had since before the accident and I could walk far more normally. I thought this would be short lived but it was the same the next day and the day after. This was confirmed when the physiotherapist I had engaged a couple of weeks previous to starting the massage said in my second appointment with him that my ankle had improved tremendously since the first assessment he had done at our first meeting and he was really surprised at the dramatic scale of improvement!  This is a win win all round – Sue is working effectively with people who need it, I can walk pain free again and the Council is getting the most of being a proactive employer looking after its employees."


JobCentre Plus (DWP)

Work carried out: Exercise and Nutritional Advice to JobCentre Plus Customers at Pathways to Work Events

Sue played a major role in the ethos of ‘Pathways to Work’, which is a programme of support bringing hope to thousands of people whose working lives have been brought to a standstill by incapacity or illness. She provided not only valuable and constructive advice to our customers with health conditions and disabilities, but inspired them to think Healthy Eating and Self Perception in making lifestyle changes towards a better and healthier future.  We have watched her business grow and develop into a valuable service for the local community. Her personality has been key to this success. She has the ability to integrate with a diverse range of people, whilst creating an environment where people feel comfortable to seek advice."



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