Today we are faced with endless choices of fast food and processed foods which are filled with hidden fats and sugars and often have little nutritional value ("empty calories").  Many people skip meals or eat "on the go" which is not the best way to live a healthy lifestyle and feel well.

Losing weight should not involve “going on a diet” or cutting out food groups.  It is proven that the majority of diets don't work – while people may lose weight in the short term, when they return to normal eating habits they invariably put on all the weight again, and often put on more weight than they lost in the first place.

A combination of a sustainable, sensible well balanced eating regime, and regular physical activity will help:

    * Boost your energy levels
    * Improve your concentration
    * Boost your immune system
    * Protect against high blood pressure, strokes and coronary heart disease
    * Protect against certain forms of cancers, osteoporosis and diabetes
    * Improve your skin
    * Reduce depression, mood swings and anxiety
    * Improve your sleep
    * Lose body fat

Why not download our Lifestyle Diary and fill it in for a week and then look back and see what you’ve actually consumed. Also look at how much exercise you've done, and how it may have affected your mood, concentration or energy levels? Just how healthy are you?! 

Why not try our 14 day detox plan, designed to get rid of all of the toxins and acid, which will help stimulate and de-stress your system, leaving you feel full of vitality and enabling fat loss?  We will give you the tools you need, even the shopping list.  Be prepared for RESULTS!!!!

We work with clients to advise them on the right type of foods to eat, to sustain energy levels, to stay healthy and to help with weight management. Invite us to rummage through your kitchen cupboards and fridge/freezer if you dare! 

If you are unfamiliar or confused by food labelling, or are simply unsure of what nutritious healthy food to buy in the supermarket, why not book a session with us to accompany you round your local store? We can point you in the right direction and give you some hints and tips on what to buy for you and your family. 

Download our Lifestyle Diary (61.04kb)