About Sue Clark Health & Fitness

Based in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sue Clark Health & Fitness offers health and wellbeing services to a diverse range of Personal and Corporate clients throughout the North East region, all designed to help deliver optimum health and wellbeing to improve overall quality of life.

Bringing that personal touch to your health and wellbeing

As a team of qualified and experienced personal trainers, nutritional advisers and massage therapists, we work with a broad range of clients, male and female, of all ages, from all walks of life.  Whether clients are looking to improve existing fitness levels, lose body fat, improve body shape, correct postural imbalances, reduce stress related illness, or need help with very specific goals or targets, we like to look holistically at whole lifestyle and how it impacts on overall wellbeing.

Are you interested in improving your health and fitness with Personal Training and Nutritional Advice? Sue Clark Health & Fitness offers one to one or small group Personal Training sessions at private Studios in Jesmond.

In addition to personal training and nutritional advice, clients can also benefit from sports massage, a very effective deep tissue treatment  for sporting injuries, postural related aches and pains, to reduce stress or to alleviate general or more specific muscular aches, pains or injuries.


Bringing health and wellbeing to the workplace

To meet the growing demand of stressed and unhealthy employees across the region, Sue Clark Corporate Health & Fitness offers a Wellbeing at Work programme for local businesses.  The Programme is aimed at  helping your staff live a healthier lifestyle both inside and outside the workplace. Many businesses have seen the benefits of On-site Massage for employees, helping them to relax and bring relief from workplace related aches and pains, boosting morale and productivity.

Click here to find out more about how investment in employee health and wellness can reduce absenteeism, improve productivity and thus increase your bottom line.

If you would like to know more about any of the health and wellbeing services provided by Sue Clark Health & Fitness, please complete the Contact Us section or call us now on 07780 591 652.