Massage Therapy

The Benefits of Massage 

Massage can be beneficial for a wide variety of conditions, the most obvious of which are stress, stress related illness and musculoskeletal pain.  The various techniques and movements used in massage bring many positive effects and benefits, both psychological and physiological.


  • Increased feeling of wellbeing, relaxation, energy, vitality and ability to cope with stress


  • Increased blood circulation and improved skin/tissue condition
  • Stimulation of lymphatic circulation and drainage to help fight infection
  • Improved muscle condition and flexibility, reduced muscle stiffness, pain and fatigue 
  • Softens adipose tissue and can help cellulite reduction (in conjunction with diet and exercise)
  • Rebalances autonomic nervous system 
  • Triggers energy pathways and lowers pain elsewhere

    Treatments available

    Sports Massage 

    On-Site Massage for the Workplace