Wellbeing at Work

At Sue Clark Corporate Health & Fitness our aim is to help you make your business and your workforce a healthy and productive one.

Is your business as healthy as it could be?

Does your business suffer from frequent absenteeism, either due to stress or musculoskeletal pain/disorders, low employee morale or energy?

Are you a business owner/manager who wants a healthier, more energetic and productive workforce?

If you answered "yes" to either of these questions investing in Wellbeing At Work can benefit your business.

Why should your business invest in Wellbeing at Work?

  • Workplace absenteeism costs UK businesses £13 billion per year.
  • 20 million working days are lost due to stress related illness and musculoskeletal disorders (bad backs, upper limb disorders etc).
  • The North East region has the worst employee absence record in the UK.  

The Benefits

  • It can help decrease sick leave and associated costs, especially in relation to stress-related absenteeism and musculoskeletal disorders (the top two reasons for workplace absenteeism).
  • It can increase employee productivity, leading to an increase in profitability and customer service.
  • It can improve employee morale, promoting loyalty and staff retention.
  • It shows a responsible corporate attitude towards employee wellbeing.

Sue Clark Health and Fitness has a selection of corporate packages to suit your workforce needs.